Looking for job postings? YOU WON’T FIND ANY HERE!

We are a referral only business. If we contact you, it is because someone we know and trust has identified you as a quality resource and recommended that we call you. We are extremely perceptive and direct in our approach. Let us take the risk out by truly understanding your needs therefore increasing your chances of success and happiness.

Our experience and focus extends to the following areas:


Project Management

Business Analysis

Software Development


IT Management


Business Intelligence

A No-Nonsense Approach

Our business is simple: Listen to our candidates’ needs and our clients’ wants and do the match. The easy part of recruiting is matching the specific skills that clients tell us they need. They need a Project Manager? We know a lot of them… but identifying the one person who will instantly mesh with their team and corporate culture – now that is where we really shine.

The Art & Science of Recruiting

Candidates constantly say we take the risk out of placement. Through our intensive screening process, which we call the ‘Innerview,’ we assess your professional background, career progression, and overall experience. Candidates regularly say that we understand them better after a 1-hour interview than people who have known them for years. We build an intimate understanding of you that allows us to find the perfect opportunity where your natural skills will thrive.


As an added benefit to both our valued clients and professional contractors, Agile Recruiting has insurance coverage in place to protect both parties. For more information, or a current Certificate of Insurance outlining coverage, have a chat with us to clear up your questions.

Your Free Marketing Arm

Busy at home, busy at work. Can’t seem to stay on top of the industry activities as much as you would like? We can keep you informed of industry opportunities.

Performance Feedback

We follow up with the client to evaluate your performance. We assess your strengths and weaknesses so together we can craft a plan of action for the next opportunity.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Agile was the first IT recruiting firm in Calgary to offer a 6-month guarantee on candidates we place. Why did we do this? It’s simple – we are that confident in our ability to make the match. Based on the feedback we get from our clients, 99% of our placements are great matches – ask our competitors if they can top that!