The Experts

Mini Sehgal

Vice President

Phone: 1-403-836-4344

Email: [email protected]

Mini is a bit of a dichotomy. At first glance she is genuinely caring and kind, but when it comes to her work she is driven, competitive, and will not stop until she finds the perfect placement for her clients. She fondly describes her upbringing on a farm outside of Calgary, but now lives in the hub of the city with quick access to all the urban amenities. Mini received a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and Marketing, and utilizes her love of technology and computer science when seeking the perfect hire. She has the unique ability to see potential in someone that no one has recognized before. Mini has infused her passion for traveling and helping others into her intelligent and caring two children. She is active in a dinner club, loves to watch Roger Federer play tennis

Steve Morcom

CEO & Co-Founder of Agilerecruiting 

Phone: 1-403-589-9453

Email: [email protected]

Steve has a big voice, but his heart is what has earned the respect of his peers over the past 20 years. He beams at the mention of the close-knit team working for Agile Recruiting, and takes his professional and personal responsibilities in stride. He will make the tough decisions when he needs to, and is widely revered for his financial abilities and professional stature. While Steve may seem guarded at first, he is kind, funny, and cares deeply about the people around him. Steve radiates a deep sense of pride when talking about his wife and three kids.  In his spare time he loves boating and dirt biking, and is happiest when he’s revving an engine.

Alistair Shepherd Cross

President & Co-Founder

Phone: 1-403-803-0417

Email: [email protected]

The excitement in Alistair’s voice when talking about Agile Recruiting is palpable. One would think after 12 years the shine would fade, but Alistair is constantly conceiving innovative solutions and guiding the company to greater heights. In fact, he has purposely taken the rocky road many times in his life. Alistair came to Canada from England looking to challenge himself and get out of his comfort zone. With a Masters degree in silviculture, Alistair made the obvious leap from lumberjack to recruiting in 1998, and has never looked back. Alistair now uses every spare minute to explore the outdoors with his family by hiking and fly fishing, and truly believes a balanced life makes for better employees. Immensely proud of the team that makes up Agile Recruiting, Alistair is one of the main forces behind the success and impeccable track record they have brought to the industry.

Kenna Kizan

Manager Accounting and Administration

Phone: 1-403-910-1086

Email: [email protected]

Kenna was recommended to Agile Recruiting because of her authentic personality, and it shines through from the moment you meet her. A mom to 2 teenaged boys, her quirky sense of humour adds a relaxed vibe to the office, and she always completes the things others would rather not do. Kenna is known for including poorly photoshopped images in her emails to get a laugh out of the recipient, and has an endearing self deprecating way about her. She loves traveling and is currently working on seeing all of her favourite artwork from around the world in person. Kenna has been described as simply ‘the most competent person’, and we couldn’t agree more.

Nandoor Fodor

Manager of Client Delivery 

Phone: 1-403-874-4793

Email: [email protected]

Nandor brings an analytic mindset to client conversations. Whilst personality and culture are important pieces in the clients` requirement puzzle, he likes to understand why are they looking for certain technologies and how they interact with each other.

He is coming from an international background. He was raised in Hungary where early on found himself in a regional recruiter role covering Eastern European region for GE remotely.

Looking for adventure, he moved to Canada to grow in mindset and skill and got hooked by the beauty of the country.

Nandor has an HR background with an Economics degree in Human Resources and a Masters in Leadership and Management, which helps him to apply a holistic view on recruitment, or Integrated HR as a Service mindset.

In his free time, likes to spend time with his family, but you might also find him hiking or playing some songs on open mic nights around town.